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 Работодатель: -          Раздел: Временная, разовая работа
Специальность Student program - Paid Internship - Sales/Customer Business Deve Опыт работы -
Город - График работы-
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We offer exciting, challenging internships to outstanding students. Internships are designed to provide students with an experience-based understanding of Customer Business Development and Customer Teams. Interns become an important member of our team, working directly with the customer, and having selling and account management responsibility.

Responsibilities during the internship include achieving competitively superior in-store presence of our brands. Additionally, interns are assigned special projects to complete, and are expected to make meaningful contributions to the growth of our brands by completing business analyses and participating in account presentations. Interns are expected to learn and use conceptual selling techniques and data-based presentations.

You will have an opportunity to gain valuable real-life work experience while still being a student. You will be able to apply the knowledge you have learned in university and see how it works in practice. You will have a chance to learn from highly qualified professionals who will share their experience with you on how to influence our customer's decisions in critical business areas. For a period of time you will become an integral part of a unique P&G corporate culture.

Internships will be available in several cities around Ukraine.

Ukrainian citizen,
3-5th year university student
Good English

- Both Female and Male applicants are welcome
We are seeking students who are leaders that make things happen, analytical thinkers and problem solvers, and excellent communicators. We are looking for individuals who set priorities and follow through on commitments, who work effectively with diverse groups of people, and who demonstrate creativity, innovation, and initiative.